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Get The Legend of Zelda HD Wallpapers New Tab Themes for Free

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most spectacular RPGs that features a grand open-world environment. The game offers serene and sprawling magical landscapes that players can get lost in. It is hard not to love the graphics of The Legend of Zelda, its artistic flair is simply fascinating.

In the game, players follow the protagonist named Link. He is a young elf-like male who is tasked to save the kingdom of Hyrule from an evil demon warlord. Along with Link is Princess Zelda, the titular character who is also believed as a mortal reincarnation of the goddess, Hylia.

Aside from breathtaking landscapes, you’ll discover unique characters and creatures of different races throughout your journey. The world of Hyrule is saturated with bright colors and details that make exploration a lot more fun and enthralling. As you traverse through the game’s beautiful landscapes, you’ll be tempted to take screenshots of every corner you visit.

And if you want to take the magical world of Hyrule to your devices, you don’t have to look further. We have already collected sets of amazing high-quality wallpapers so you can download them for free! You can now amuse yourself with a great set of The Legend of Zelda wallpapers for your desktop, phones, tablets, or even as a new background of your Chrome new tab. Follow these simple steps below to download these amazing HD Wallpapers for free!

  1. Choose whichever wallpaper catches your eye.
  2. Right-click on it and save it
  3. Wait for the download to be done. 
  4. Once the image is downloaded, locate the file and set it as your background.

Aside from that, you can also use these wallpapers as new tab backgrounds for Google Chrome. To do so, just follow the instructions below:

  1. On your PC, open a new Chrome tab.
  2. In your Chrome’s homepage tab, you will find a customize button at the lower right corner and click on that.
  3. Select Background and Upload from Device. Make sure you choose the Legend of Zelda wallpaper HD you just downloaded.
  4. When it’s done, you will automatically see the background on your Chrome custom new tab.

Nintendo took a great deal and thought to put this game together. To be visually easier for players, collectible items sparkle as you pass by. Its shrines emit a bright red and blue light that glows from the rest of the landscape. The efforts that were put into this game have truly paid off. Take the game’s breathtaking sceneries on your gadgets by downloading these free The Legend of Zelda wallpapers today!

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